How do you close your Afrihost account?

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asked Jan 3, 2015 in Client Zone by Faye
Sorry you hear you want to close your account. The guys here have provided the correct process to follow, but please email me on if there is something that I can help if you're cancelling due to a bad experience :(

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In connection to the closing of an Afrihost account, please refer to the following:

All you will need to do is login to your client zone and then select either your Hosting, ADSL or mobile data packages that you want to cancel and then from there you would select either "edit package" or "cancel service" in order to end the service or package that you want.

I trust the above information has been helpful :)

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answered Jan 5, 2015 by anonymous
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Hi Faye

The below answer is correct. All cancellationes are submitted through client zone. Please note that you need to submit your cancellation before the 25th of the month if you would like your services to be cancelled at the end of the month. If you cancelling a hosting service, please make sure that you have all the back-ups that you need because once the cancellation goes through all the content and mails will be deleted. DNS for all the domains will be removed as well. If it is a DSL Line, please note that your DSL line service will be transferred back to Telkom and Telkom will bill you for the DSL line rental. You will be disconnected from your connectivity account on the last day of the month at 23:59:59.

Afrihost Team
answered Jan 5, 2015 by AfriDude (43,990 points)
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Any cancellations need to be made before the 23rd of the month in which Clients wish to cancel.
Any cancellation after the 23rd will go into effect at the end of the following month.

Section 12 of the Afrihost Terms & Conditions

12.1. Afrihost operates Month-to-Month contracts. Either the Client or Afrihost may terminate the agreement, or a particular Service, by giving one calendar month’s notice to the other. For example, if notice is given on the 15th of January, termination will take effect on the 1st of March. Particular Service Terms may allow for shorter notice periods.

12.2. The Client must give notice of termination to Afrihost via ClientZone. Cancellation of any Service is the Client’s responsibility and all tools to effect such cancellation are provided in ClientZone. The Client is responsible for ensuring that such cancellation of service is actioned with due attention to terms of cancellation, as well as cancellation conditions which require the Client to specifically indicate a required process. Should the Client incorrectly complete the cancellation process, Afrihost will not be liable for any additional costs or compensation due to the error.

answered Aug 30, 2017 by AfriDazzil (45,400 points)
If I want to cancel my ADSL account and have the line moved back to Telkom, with effect that they will become my new ISP from 1 October 2017, what is the process? Obviously there is the cancel service option on clientzone, but will that allow me to set when I want to cancel from or is that an immediate cancellation of the service? Also, how do I have my line transferred back to the wholesale pool?