Can we install an SSL certificate for one account on our server without a dedicated IP?

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We have a dedictated server with Afrihost  on which we host multiple accounts.  We would like an SSL certificate installed on one of the accounts and would like to know if it is possible to use the server name indication protocol as apposed to a dedicated IP for the certificate. How does Afrihost handle this generally?
asked Jan 6, 2015 in Physical Dedicated Hosting by Michael

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I would definitely recommend making use of a unique static IP address for each SSL certificate that you have installed on your server. Almost all SSL certificates require a static IP address, and not having a unique IP for each certificate can cause issues when trying to access the secured site, and this can easily affect any other secured website content on your server.

We can provide you with both the unique IP address and the SSL certificate, you will just need to send us a confirmation email to
answered Jan 6, 2015 by AfriGenie (2,280 points)