My MTN SIM card has been deactivated. What now?

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I obtained an MTN pre paid SIM card with the sole intention of using it in my netbook using Afrihost. Now four months later, I find that MTN have deactivated it  because it is not being used. Perhaps they should have checked with Afrihost (which is their subsiduary) first !!!. Does this mean that I have to put money / make a MTN call every month or so to keep it active. What a bind to remember to remove it from my netbook every two months or so !!!!
asked Oct 18, 2015 in Air Mobile by Alan
Same thing happened with me now aperantly n new sim is the only optoin what a  blind eye
I obtained a new SIM card from Afrihost. Mtn does not deactivate Afrihost cards. Had mine for 6 months now
I have exactly the same problem and it took Afrihost a full THREE DAYS to assist me in finding the problem. The afrihost assistant told me to call 083174 to ask MTN to reactivate it, but there is no such option in the menu. Afrihost should find a solution to this problem, they are the company rendering the service. Now I have paid for data I cannot use.
Tragically, this is still a huge problem :-(

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Can you check from clientzone if your SIM is still active. You can only do this if your sim was from afrihost. Afrihost SIMs are not enabled to make calls. If your payments on the package you have have been going through, your sim should be active. Please open a ticket on clientzone to get support to check this out for you.
answered Oct 18, 2015 by theeandre (32,960 points)