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I'm a longtime and happy customer of Afrihost. Unfortunately internet speed is my only attraction thats why i have a 100gig capped contract with a 4 meg line. But i have noticed tat i can get 100gig at 20meg from telkom for less. Why is that and why should i not switch?

asked Jan 10, 2015 in ADSL by Louis

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Hi Louis

This is an excellent question and I hope I'll give you as good an answer :)

We do our best to offer the best overall value for money to our clients. The lowest possible price is only one component of this. We also throw in a quality DSL network, that is constantly improved and upgraded to give our clients the best experience. In your case, that means an unshaped, unthrottled and unblended experience where you an use your data in any way you deem fit without any limitation or restriction posed by us. We also include a 24 hour support desk, with experienced and friendly consultants at your beck and call via telephone, live chat, SMS and email (and also via Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and MyBroadband).

Our intention is to always provide our clients with an overall experience that they will never recieve elsewhere. And a lot of our competitors will copy us and drop their prices to make the offering look more attractive, but we always come out swinging for our clients and overall offer the best price, experience and support in the land.

If you drop me an email on we can chat about the products you're comparing and I'll be happy to give you more insight into why I feel what we have to offer clients is something awesome (and above all something you can trust).
answered Jan 11, 2015 by AfriMan (14,660 points)
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