Email not being delivered.

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Why didn't my email get delivered? or where did my email go?
asked Jan 12, 2015 in Email Hosting by anonymous

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There are dozens of reasons why an email message may not be delivered. Log files don't lie, and they will always be able to tell you why the message could not be delivered. It just takes a little research on your part. You will always receive a bounce email or a Non-Delivery Report/Receipt.

A bounce error is also called a Non-Delivery Report/Receipt (NDR), a (failed) Delivery Status Notification (DSN) message, a Non-Delivery Notification (NDN) and is an automated electronic mail message from the mail server informing the sender about a delivery problem. There are two types of errors. Temporary errors (which start with a 4.x.x) are known as soft-bounce errors, and permanent delivery errors (which start with 5.x.x) and are known as hard-bounce errors. Temporary errors will usually be re-delivered, while permanent errors will be returned or bounced.

These can be:

  •     Authentication issues (the most common).
  •     DNS related issues (is your rDNS set up correctly?).
  •     SPF, DKIM and/or DMARC settings (misconfigured or missing completely).
  •     Firewall issues (or proxying of port 25 by the NOC, Datacenter, Host or customers ISP) or other networking issues.
  •     Blocked IP addresses (Customers IP address may be blacklisted).
  •     cpHulkd brute force lockouts.
  •     SpamAssassin settings too strict.
  •     Spammer (or more likely a compromised email account) has filled up your exim mail queue with spam messages and legit messages are now waiting to be sent.
  •     Exim misconfiguration.
  •     Sender Verify and even Greylisting or other temporary soft-errors.
  •     An incorrect setting within your /etc/resolv.conf file.
  •     A misconfigured filter.
  •     Mailbox is over quota (5.2.2. error).
  •     Virus was attached to message and virus scanner redirected your email to /dev/null.


Afrihost Team

answered Jan 12, 2015 by AfriDude (43,990 points)
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if you are getting immediate return to sender errors. check your spelling... the rest as afriguy said
answered Jan 23, 2015 by Matthew Murdoch (65,110 points)