Huawei E5730 Power Bank

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What is Huawei E5730 power bank and how does it help me?
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Hi there

E5730 is a 3G Mobile Wi-Fi and Power Bank. Huawei E5730 comes equipped with a 3G SIM card slot and a built-in, non-removable 5200mAh battery.  It has an Ethernet port, that can connect Ethernet cable to support multiple WiFi-enabled terminals to access internet. Huawei E5730 also has SIM card slot to change 3G signal to WiFi signal. The two working modes makes E5730 working all over the world. Huawei E5730 is also a mobile power bank of 5200mAh. It can work for 16 hours and standby time is around 500 hours. As a power bank, the device can hold onto charge for several days altogether and with full power it can recharge a smartphone of about 2000 mAh for about 4 times.

For more information on the Huawei E5730 please follow the llink below:

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