I forgot my wifi password?

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Hi I forgot my wifi password, any way that I can check for it using your services?
asked Dec 3, 2015 in Devices by Karen

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Hi Karen,


Unfortunately we would not be able to check your wifi password.

It is possible, however, for you to check it. If you still have the box your router came with, you would be able to see a sticker on the back of the router saying WPA key, the key on that would be the password for your WiFi. If you have a mobile wifi device, you can remove the cover from the back of the device and find a similar sticker.

If there are no stickers and you are not able to find this code, you can then log into your router (the the IP address in the pamphlet that came with the router) and then go to wireless settings, once you are in wireless settings, you would be able to change the WiFi name and its password.


I hope this information has proved helpful.


Have a wonderful weekend ahead!
answered Dec 18, 2015 by Dowayne B