how do I unlink a device from my wifi modem?

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I have a wifi device and 3 devices linked to it. I now want to lend it to my brother to use in hospital temporarily. however, we could not connect his device, and I guess it is because I have already linked 3 devices to the modem.


how can I unlink one of them?

and should I unlink the iPad to connect another tablets? or can I link two tablets to the modem?


asked Dec 4, 2015 in Devices by Karina

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Good afternoon Karina,

Hoping you are well :)


I apoligize for the late response, the mobile device does not track devices linked to it. Each mobile device has a limit of how many devices to connect to it at the same time,

this would mean that all the devices would have to be actively connected to the mobile wifi device to be the issue.


Does the tablet give any specific message when you try and connect it?

I look forward to your reply,


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answered Dec 18, 2015 by Dowayne B