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I have a server in my office that we use for pastel. This server holds the database of pastel. We can connect well from the office but after hours when we connect remotely the connection is very slow and sometimes times out. What might be causing the issue? Would getting a server with you illiminate the problem?
asked Jan 14, 2015 in Cloud Hosting by anonymous

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When you are in the office you connect to the server locally making it quicker then when you connect remotely. What you would need check first is your connection to the server. Run a traceroute from home to your server's IP. Please use the link below to find out more about traceroutes. Run another traceroute from work to your server and compare the two results. You would mostly find that the problem would be coming from your home connection. Make sure that you connect with a LAN/Ethernet cable to see if the connection doe not improve and if not you would need to check your connection when connecting to other serices like Facebook, Youtube. If you notice a common problem then you would need to contact your ISP and /or Telkom for your line. There could be issues with the quality of your line.

If the problem is with your ISP and/or Telkom you would have the problem even is you take up a server with us. Firstly you would need to correct all issues with your connection and see if your connectivity improves. I would advise that you take a deal with us not because you are having connectivity issues but security and/or configuration issues. We can get the server up and running with the OS and server specs of your choice, according to what we advertise on the website. You can get a cloud server with us which is cost effective. Depending on the type of database you are running you might even get to use a fre Operating System to manage your database for pastel like Ubuntu.

Please find below links that will assist you with troubleshooting the problem


Troubleshooting connectivity:

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If you have anything below a 10Mbps ADSL or VDSL line, then the upload speed (0.5Mbps) is the issue. How do you connect? Via TeamViewer? Windows RDC?
answered Jan 21, 2015 by ZK