100GB capped internet data package full month-to-month price?

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Hi AfriHost

I'm interested in one of your data packages. I'm looking at a 100GB capped internet package(R328.00).
I'd like to know if this R328.00 includes the Telkom line rental prices, if not, what will the cost of that be? And with all the prices included, what will the total month-to-month fee be? 
Will the full 100GB be available for use at any time, or is it split into day/night time?

Hope to hear from you soon.

asked Jan 14, 2015 in Billing by Gerrit

1 Answer

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Hi Gerrit

Looks like the price you are quoting is a 2Mbps Capped Bundle with 50GB+50GB Data on our Double Data promotion. This would cost R328pm and includes your DSL line rental fee.

A data only 50GB+50GB account would cost R199pm on it's own and a 2Mbps line rental is R159, which is R30 saving every month.

Please note that Double Data is guaranteed until the end of June, after which it could be extended further or revised. But you can lock in Double Data with Afrihost Plus membership. You will also receive 2 for 1 topups all month long, Simfy access and 500MB FREE Mobile Data every month.

Hope that helps ;)
answered Jan 15, 2015 by AfriMan (14,660 points)