Anyone with experience of screen repair for Zest?

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Is there anyone who can report on the experience of repairing the screen of a Zest phone? I would appreciate advice, especially if it is about repairs done in Cape Town area.

asked Jan 17, 2015 in Devices by charl

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Hi There Charl,

I trust that you are well.

If the device is from Zest, I would suggest you contact them to repair as some cellphone shops might not have the parts needed as it is a new phone.

If it is from Afrihost, log into ClientZone and click on the Zest under Connectivity and then mark it for exchange. We will assess it and replace it with a new one if faulty.

Hope this helped :)
answered Jan 18, 2015 by A Game (3,260 points)
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Hi Charl


My experience has been quite excellent with the after sales support. I sent a mail to and got a response really quickly from a lady by the name of Charlene. The collection process then followed (took two days) and the assessment took another day and repair happened shortly after that once I had given approval of the repair (R600 odd which i thought was decent).


The return process then took a couple days which I thought was fair. I'm based in Gauteng though and if im not mistaken, Zest is run from Cape Town so the process might be a lot quicker for you! But as I said, give a shout, they respond super quickly!


answered Jan 19, 2015 by anonymous
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It's best to contact Zest either on email on or drop them a message on their Facebook page ( so they can advise you on their authorised repair agent in the area.
answered Jan 22, 2015 by AfriMan (14,660 points)