How can I be sure I'm using the "afrihost" APN and not my contract data?

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How can I be sure I'm using the "afrihost" APN and not my contract data?

asked Oct 6, 2014 in Air Mobile by anonymous

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If you have a MTN contract SIM card, it is possible to configure your device to use Afrihost data.  This involves provisioning your SIM card to have access to theafrihost APN.  Once you have made the connection, one of the difficulties that you may have is that certain operating system updates (e.g. certain Apple IOS updates) can cause the device to revert to default settings so that you do not use the Afrihost APN.  Fortunately it is fairly straightforward to confirm that you are connected to the afrihost APN.

Firstly, when you have connected to the afrihost APN, you can log in to clientzone, and you should see that the amount of data you have used increases.

Secondly, when you are connected to the afrihost APN, your IP address will be in a particular range.  You can check your IP address using a service like  Mobile IP addresses currently look like this:

  • 105.208.x.x

We have put up a page which displays a green (OK) or orange (not OK) page, depending on whether you reach it from an Afrihost connectivity IP address or from elsewhere:

You can add this as a bookmark to the home screen of your device, and check it if you believe your device may have reverted to incorrect APN settings.

answered Oct 7, 2014 by warmhands (470 points)