Experiencing difficulty receiving from our info@domainname.co.za e-mail address

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We have been testing several times our info@domainname.co.za e-mail address. Please assist in getting these addresses working correctly!
asked Jan 19, 2015 in Client Zone by anonymous

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The best way to ensure that your mailbox is working would be to log in via webmail and test the mailbox first. You can do this by either logging in directly from your browser using:

www.yourdomain.co.za/webmail (use your domain instead of yourdomain.co.za and then enter your unique mailbox username and password)

or login via cPanel (you will also need to enter your unqiue mailbox password).

If the mail tests are successful, then you'll need to ensure that your settings on your desktop mail client are correct. If you are unable to receive mail, then it could be a problem with your Incoming mail settings. These should be:

mail.yourdomain.co.za port 110 authentication turned on (check this link for some basic steps https://support.afrihost.com/?/Default/Knowledgebase/Article/View/322/68/i-need-help-configuring-email-accounts--outlook-2010)

If you are still not able to get this working, please drop me a mail on answers@afrihost.com so that we can get your query looked into ASAP.
answered Jan 20, 2015 by AfriMan (14,660 points)
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If you cannot get e-mail from a particular mail address, you should be able to report a specific error, e.g.

  • User name and password is rejected
  • There is some kind of DNS failure (e.g. mail.domainname.co.za does not exist)
  • There is some kind of system failure (e.g. the mail server is turned off)

Before you get too excited about the error,

  • log on to cpanel,
  • set a new password for the mailbox, and
  • see if you can log in using webmail. 
  • If you can, then set up that new password in your mail system.

If you can't get into the mailbox using web mail, then

  • log on to cpanel,
  • create another mailbox, and
  • see if you can get into the new mailbox using webmail
  • try to set up your mail software to retrieve mail from the new mailbox
  • if this works, retrace your steps with the old mailbox and see what it is that you missed

If there is a real problem, you should be able to report the problem, and specify:

  • what is the error message you are seeing
  • what is the software you are using
  • when did this behaviour start
answered Jan 20, 2015 by Bananaman (5,410 points)