Why is my ADSL IP always blocked?

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My ADSL IP is always blocked and I think it's affecting my emails from being sent. Sometimes there’s a delay on the incoming mails, could that affect my incoming mails as well? How do I resolve this permanantly?

asked Jan 20, 2015 in ADSL by Schalk
An IP address is just what you use to communicate.  If it is 'blocked' in that people don't want to talk to you, because of bad experiences in the past with other users, then you need to talk to those people some other way.  Usually you should relay your mail via another mail server.  (For afrihost ADSL this is smtp.afrihost.co.za.  If they dislike you, then you probably have a virus.)

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Hi Schalk

IP addresses do get black listed from time to time and can be easy or difficult to get de-listed depending on the cause of the listing and the actions taken by the people involved. If you're with Afrihost then use smtp.afrihost.co.za as your SMTP server. If you're not then please do contact your ISP to find out which smtp server they provide.

Incoming mails could be delayed because the server you are connecting to, is having issues that are causing mails to be delayed; your mail client is not syncing with the server at the right time to receive mails on time; or your ADSL connection could be experiencing slow connectivity because of the ISP or DSL line issues.

You shouldn't be sending out mails using your ADSL IP. If you are on the Afrihost SMTP still having an issue with sending mails you probably have a virus on your computer and you should get rid of it soon. The reason why the IP's are blocked is because some people use their connectivity to spam. One person can send spam on the same IP and the IP will get listed as a source of spam. Another person does the exact same thing that the other person did and now the IP range is marked as the possible source of spam and spam gets blocked at places that consult the list. You on the other hand get the same IP range and try to send out mail that is not spam and you get blocked because of previous incidents. Now any IP that you get, gets blacklisted.

Afrihost Team
answered Jan 20, 2015 by AfriDude (43,970 points)
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You are probably sending out or have in the past sent out, too many mails in 24 hours, which generally results in you getting blacklisted on SpamHaus.
answered Jan 21, 2015 by ZK