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Our household ISP is Telkom. I am considering taking a 20* GB R49 DSL connectivity package every month for my personal use and just have the debit order run off my account. My question is, can I setup a PPPOE Connection for my DSL package?

I make use of the 1GB free every month but I am just wondering if I connect in the same manner before getting myself one of those connectivity packages.
asked Jan 21, 2015 in ADSL by Adan

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Hi Adan

Yes you will be able to connect PPPoE on any DSL package that you choose. Our recommended way of DSL configuration is actually PPPoE. Please find below a link that will assist with internet configuration settings:


Afrihost Team
answered Jan 21, 2015 by AfriDude (43,970 points)
I think our household has become complacent with using Telkom as an ISP. Thank you for your timely response and the services you provide is of high quality, especially client support.
It is my pleasure to be of assistance. You could also drop us an email on answers@afrihost.com for further assistance that require personal information to be sent so i can assist you further.
Enjoy the rest of your day.
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I think there is come confusion here.

Telkom usually setup a dial up (also called PPPOE) account in Windows, for this to work the modem needs to support bridemode or 1/2 bridge mode. Problem with this is additional devices will have to dial the same PPPOE acc, whcih can be troublesome for the everyday client on devices like iPads, Android phones etc.

In RSA ADSL accounts run over PPPOE, this is setup INSIDE the router.

Adan - setup the modem as PPPOE (on the modem side), no need to setup a dial up PPPOE account in Windows, this is a old way, one generally "only" useful if you have mutiple DSL accounts you wish to dial using 1bridge or 1/2 bridge mode.

answered Jan 21, 2015 by ZK