Is an Uncapped broadband account the best ADSL option for a home with multiple devices?

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Is an Uncapped broadband account the best ADSL option for a home with multiple devices?
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Uncapped is great for not having to worry about how much you are spending.  You are however, spending a bit more than you need to ... most months.

For home use, generally you will pay less and get better service on a capped account, but you do have the hassle of having to set the amount of data beforehand, or pay extra some months for auto-topup.  If you don't know what your usage is like, sign up for uncapped for a few months, and convert to capped if you still care about saving money or getting more bang for your buck after some time has passed.

If you go for capped, you need to guesstimate how much bandwidth you are going to use.  Before you actually start to use the internet for something interesting, your smart phones and computers are going to use up a good chunk of data just to stay warmed up and up to date.  These statistics only vaguely correspond to reality:

  • iPhone - 250MB per month
  • Android - 150MB per month
  • Other feature phones - 10 to 100MB per month
  • Windows updates - 500 Mb per month

If you don't like maths and estimating, do it the easy way.

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Hi there

Any DSL broadband is good for connecting multiple devices. The issue could come with the gateway (router/modem) that you use to connect all the devices. If you are connecting your devices using WiFi you should be fine with connecting as many as you can. If you however trying to connect your devices using LAN cables you might want to get a network administrator to configure the network for you. Most gateways only have four ports to connect the LAN cables but a network administrator will know how to connect more than four devices using a LAN cable.

Afrihost Team
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The other answers pretty much cover everything.

I just wanted also add that it's important to know the difference between shaped Uncapped accounts and unshaped Capped.

Uncapped accounts are not limited in terms of the amount of data you can use, but when demand is very high we may shape some services, such as downloads, any P2P traffic like torrents or news services, while your realtime services will never be shaped (like YouTube, Skype, browsing, gaming or any terminal services like SSH or VPN). This will happen according to demand, but you also get 300 Free turbocharge minutes per month, where you can remove any shaping for an hour at a time if you need to. This is can be useful if you don't want to use too much bandwidth to downloads and would rather prioritize real time services without investing in firewalls or setting up QoS (Quality of Service) on your router.

Capped accounts are completely unshaped at all times. So there is no priority set for any services, you can use any service you prefer and this will work at the best speed possible, depending on how many services are running at the same time on your local network.
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