Does my 1GB Free 4 life still work?

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I'm having trouble connecting to my 1GB free for life account.  How do I check to see if its still active or dedicated to a specific telephone line?

Gunter Schumann
asked Feb 8, 2016 in ADSL by Gunter
edited Jan 18, 2017 by AfriDazzil

3 Answers

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Hey Gunter

It is for life so yes you will still have it assigned to you every month.

You can check if your modem details have the 1GB free username and password to be sure you are using it. Make sure your router lights are all green to be sure that the line is good and that you are connected to us.

Also, check on Client Zone to see if you still have some data left on it.
answered Jan 19, 2017 by Filet Mignon (24,730 points)
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