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I will be intereted to buy internt via Afrihost. I have recently installed a landline via Telkom. Now I think I can deal with you about internt, but I am not really aware of the type of offer in South Africa. I wil be interested to have internet in my flat in order to to multimedia and/or gaming sometime, also be able to use wifi connection.

Is the Caped bundle cool be good? (waht is capped and uncapped?).I swa the offer 8mbp for 100G at R548 per month. could it be good for what I want? Also is the offer come with a router? If I am pay internet with you do I ahve still to pay the rent of the land line to telkom? Waht is the delay to install it?

I thank you in adacne for all the answers!


Nicolas Nesi
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Hey Nicolas

Thank you for the query.

The links below may help you understand the differences between capped and uncapped better.




Modems are sold separately and you purchase from the link https://www.afrihost.com/site/hardware/modems_wifi/#/

The modem will give you the option to connect wirelessly or via ethernet.

The landline has to be installed by Telkom and they will give you the timeline to install it. once you have an excon line with Telkom you can sign up for us to manage your ADSL line portion if you so desire. The link is below:


I trust this will assist.

You can use capped or uncapped to game, usually 10MB and above should be sufficient.
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