How do i set up an email address?

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I own a domain and i want an email with this domain.
asked Jan 23, 2015 in Email Hosting by hallid

2 Answers

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if you access your cPanel ( on of these should work or ).

Here is a picture of the cpanel section:

answered Jan 24, 2015 by R3v07v3R (1,560 points)
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Setting up the email address is cPanel is super easy, you just need to create the address and the password linked to it (we have a password generator for extra secure passwords).

Once you're done there, you can either use our easy webmail access to view your mails, or you can configure your email client for easy offline access. Here are steps for two major clients (Thunderbird and Outlook)
answered Jan 26, 2015 by AfriMan (14,640 points)
Thank you. This helped me, but the Afrihost link needs to be updated a bit. I got it under the Hosting link and then clicked on my domain name. That had a cPanel button that then gave a box where I changed my cPanel password and logged in from there.