How long does it take to activate all functions of Afrihost mobile sim cards?

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Activated the sim card.

Internet is working however I cannot make a phone call or provide consent to Afrihost to manage the account.

Should I wait longer? How long does it normall take? or is this a problem?
asked Mar 11, 2016 in Air Mobile by Dino

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Hi Dino,

I see this has yet to be answered but I am guessing you already found the answer somewhere.

I am writing this for other users who struggle with the same thing.

The Afrihost Mobile Voice products don't activate immediately. Should you be an MTN user, I've timed it to be about 15 minutes after sign up and

correct procedures followed. With Porting, it takes 48 hours as per porting instructions on our website.

Should we have a problem, this will be notified to clients via our website network page.

Hope this helps someone!
answered Apr 15, 2016 by A Game (3,180 points)
I activated my sim and services on the 13/05/2016 and still Afrihost have not allocated the airtime to my account. All I've been given is the run around.
Quick to take your money for activation but can't deliver the service