UPS for ADSL Modem. (Load shedding protection)

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I'm looking for an option to add an UPS system to my ADSL Wi-Fi router that would at least last 1.5 hours. The options from standard over the counter UPS systems does not allow for more that 40min (example 2000VA OEM UPS from local retailer). Is there a make or type that would allow for increased usage without breaking the bank?

The alternative is to go with a USB Modem connected directly to my laptop but this would require me to sit next to the line.

asked Jan 26, 2015 in Devices by qvheerden (3,990 points)

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We don't have a recommended model, but there are many reputable brands on the market.

I would also bear in mind that Telkom have issued a statement recently stating that power outages may also affect DSl services. This may be due to some exchanges not being designed for extended power outages, so while a UPS may in theory solve the problem, there is no guarantee that your DSL will definitely work during or for the full duration of the load shedding period.

A more reliable backup may be a Mobile Data product. Even with 2G coverage you can still get vital data throughput for your priority services.
answered Jan 26, 2015 by AfriMan (14,660 points)
I use a car battery and two inverters, these do lights, TV and ADSL router. However, for a really simple set up you can get a 200W inverter, car battery and charger for just over R1000. All items should be available from your local auto store.

A 200W inverter will give you enough power for your ADSL router, a laptop and one or two CFL low wattage lamps. A fully charged battery should give 5 to 6 hours and without the beeps of a UPS. I built my 1000W system into a large (luggable) heavy duty plastic box.

A really quick and cheap way out, if you park your car close to the house is to use your cars battery in situ and then run the 230v mains into the house via an extension cable. This route would only cost you the inverter and extension cable price, probably less than R300!! The inverter will start to beep before your car battery goes flat (should it be used for an extended period) and you should still be able to start your car and take a trip to recharge the battery...
I bought the Mecer 2000VA Line Interactive UPS. It gives me about 7 hours of use with just the ADSL router connected. :)
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There is a simpler solution but I first need to know which router you are using.

Please send me the make & model no.
answered Aug 24, 2015 by Mackie