1. Is accessing normal Adult Sites allowed and/or Is there a way on request these sites can be blocked from your side.

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asked Apr 7, 2016 in General by Chad

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Hi there

We try not to judge :)

We believe that clients have many reasons for using the internet and we respect their right to view any legal content. However we also understand that many concerned parents also want to limit their connections to safegaurd their children (or themselves) from illicit content.

It would be very difficult for us to police the internet from our side, but here are some tips that may help:

1. Install an Ad Blocker to block some of the ads to adult sites that may pop up when you are browsing the internet.

2. Install parental controls on Tablets, smartphones and browsers (if you can) that will also limit pornographic content (Chrome has an Adult Blocker Plug In for example)

3. You can also report illegal content (like child pornography) to the host bu doing a WHOIS on the domain (to determine the hosting company) and then lodge a complaint to have the content removed.
answered Apr 8, 2016 by AfriMan (14,640 points)
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Parental control software will help you to block adult sites successfully. I don't mind watching sites like Firecams Model Online , but I installed Adblock to block annoying porn advertising. 

answered Mar 23, 2018 by DamianGood (440 points)
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answered Apr 19 by ironfrank (140 points)