How do I setup my mifi device?

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I need to get internet for my wireless mobile device. I have the sim card and device but not really sure how to proceed.
asked Oct 13, 2014 in Devices by Dunkey (460 points)

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HI Dunkey

First step would be to connect to your MiFi device wirelessly. If the device is turned on, remove the backcover and inside this cover you should have the wireless network name as well as the passkey. Next click on the network icon in the bottom right hand corner of your task bar next to the time (Windows) or the top right hand corner (Mac). You would then need to find your wireless network name and click to connect to the network. Once you have done this, you can open a browser and in the address bar at the very top of your window, enter and press enter. This should load the Afrihost Mifi configuration screen.

On the top menu of the window, select the settings tab which will prompt you for a username and password which is admin and admin. Once you have entered this you will see the option "Dial Up" and under this "Profile Management" on the left hand side. After selecting this, you should see in the middle of your screen the option to add or create a new profile. Select create and name the profile afrihost, the username and password will all remain empty and below that you need to select the "Static" option under APN. Below this you will be able to enter the APN itself which is "afrihost" this MUST be in all lowercase letter otherwise this will not work. Once you have done this, save the profile and select it as your default. Once the router has applied this, you can select the Home tab on top of the window and you should see the signal and connection start to allow traffic and data through it.
answered Oct 13, 2014 by Syb3r1us (1,220 points)
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