Trying to setup an email but can’t seem to connect.

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I’ve tried setting up an email( but can’t seem to get access to your site ....when i try to log on it tell me , bad credentials ? and i never got a chance to create a password????




asked Jan 27, 2015 in Lines by Emmanouil

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Hi there,

To create the email accounts simply login to your ClientZone ( > select Hosting > select your Domain > select Manage Email. Here you can Add/Remove and reconfigure email accounts. (P.S You can also do this via your domains CPanel.)

Use the below settings when setting up the email using a mail client such as Outlook etc:

  1. When asked for an incoming and outgoing server, you can use for both Incoming and Outgoing. 
  2. When asked for authentication, this will be your email address and password. No SSL option needs to be selected.
  3. In More Settings, select Outgoing email server > select My Outgoing Server requires authentication and Use same Settings as my Incoming.
  4. Lastly, in More Settings > select the Advanced tab and ensure your outgoing server port is set to port 587 and that should do the trick!

If you would like to access the emails via a web browser you can do this by simply browsing to and login with your username and password. I trust you will find this information usefull, if you do stuggle throughout this process please give us a ring om 011 612 7200 so that we can assist you further :)

answered Jan 27, 2015 by Curt (260 points)
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