I need Afrihost banking details so I can process a payment.

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Kindly email me the bank details for Afrihost to the following email in order to process the payment for my account. .......   --Email Removed-

Your assistance in this regard will be greatly appreciated


Thank you

Irina Dias
asked May 6, 2016 in Billing by Irina Dias
i failed to make payment via client zone how can i get account number so i can do direct bank tranfer

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Hello Irina

Thank you for the question. 

The short answer is that if we did do this we would have to charge more for our service. It is only in special cases that we do allow this but this arrangement is first discussed and passed through the accounts team.
Our automated billing engine has been developed in such a way that the invoices, received payments and client accounts all work together automatically with the bank debit orders and the credit cards. And we have our Accounts Team standing by if there are ever any problems to rectify.
We have been providing hosting now for 9 years and in the early days we allowed monthly EFT payments. However, it took a massive amount of time to manage these client accounts and payments and we decided long ago that this did not make economical sense for us or our clients (as they would have to pay more) in the long term. There are also a myriad of things that can go wrong with EFT payments and at this crucial time when we have just launched our R29 offering - and we are trying to create good first impression, signing up lots of clients and our team is stretched - we can simply not afford to offer this package.
The truth is that the actual cost of supporting a client is one of the main contributing factors that increase your ADSL pricing with any ISP (and this will become an even larger chunk of what you pay for as bandwidth prices drop) It takes investment of time and resources to ensure as seamless a service as possible and this all costs money.
Unfortunately we will probably never accept monthly EFT payments for the month to month contracts. However, we are developing our system to allow EFT payments for our Prepaid bandwidth @ R49 per GB. We will be launching this as soon as the dust has settled somewhat (or at least been somewhat controlled!)
I am sorry that we do not accept EFT payments but this was a (tough) business decision that we took so that we could bring the cheapest ADSL per GB costs to most of our clients.
You can however request from the accounts team to make a payment in advance this can be for 6 months to a year, I would imagine this would make life a little easier for you.
I hope that you understand.
answered May 22, 2016 by sheldon.mason (6,490 points)