What must I do to port our DSL line to Afrihost?

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Good day,


We have previously attempted but failed to port our DSL line (main line 012*****94 and DSL line 012*****98) to Afrihost but it failed to the Telkom setup on our side.

I think it was because we use a Opticon IP 32.

We want to port the line to Afrihost and then up the speed to the maximum (40mbs).

Please supply me with the procedure to follow and contact details of how to make this change.




Ruargh Steyn

Ring Pharmaceutical Distributors

asked Jan 27, 2015 in Lines by ruargh (150 points)

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Hi there

From my records it seems like the previous issue was that the line was a junction line (basically a special feature for dedicted network or PABX systems) and therefore could not be migrated as a normal line.

If the line has been converted to a normal phone line and eligible for DSL, then we can look at migrating it back to Afrihost. It would probably be best to check whether migration would be feasible before proceeding. As it stands it seems like your main line is still not eligible for Migration, however your DSL line is. Telkom's systems show that 40Mbps is available in your area though - which is awesome news!!

Drop me a mail on afriman@afrihost.com and let's see if we can work out the details for you :)
answered Jan 27, 2015 by AfriMan (14,640 points)