Where do I find my cPanel login info & where do I login

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I've just registered my domain but I don't know where to find my cPanel login information. Please assist.
asked May 10, 2016 in Physical Dedicated Hosting by ashleybrownsa (140 points)

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Hello Ashley 

Thank you for the question.

The Cpanel details are the same as the FTP details, Once the FTP details have been sent to you via email you can log in to the Cpanel via client zone or through a URL.

Via client zone: 

Please log in to the client zone (https://clientzone.afrihost.com/en/login)
Select the hosting tab
Select the domain from the list
Select the Cpanel button, under the graph
Select the option that states log into Cpanel
Now Cpanel will display
Via URL: 
Please go to your browser and type cpanel.domain.com 
Enter in the username and the password
If you would like the FTP details sent again please log in to the client zone 
Select the hosting tab
Select the domain from the list
Select hosting settings 
Select send passwords 
This will allow you to resend the shared server hosting details to you.
answered May 23, 2016 by sheldon.mason (6,490 points)
WOW! Great answer, this really helped! I needed to give my Cpannel info to a developer and couldn't find it. I searched Google, got to this page first and found the answer immediately. Its like...BAM! One time! Thanks a million for this question and answer. Your friendly News Everyday (Pty) Ltd team. www.newseveryday.co.za