How do I chagne my Telkom ADSL lin eto be managed by Afrihost - what is the process

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How do I change my Telkom ADSL line to be managed by Afrihost
asked May 11, 2016 in Lines by Linda

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Hello Linda

Thank you for the question.

To change the DSL line management to Afrihost, You would need to contact telkom to ask for the service cancellation form. In this form there is a section for moving the DSL line in to the "holding pool" Please do not fill in any cancellation section.

Please fill in the service request section with the following:
"move adsl line in to the holding pool"
"011 xxx xxxx" (your line number)
"Move ADSL line over to Afrihost"

This all goes in a table on the form, Before you send the email to please title the email in bold "move line 011 xxx xxxx to holding pool"
Once this email is sent please call telkom so that they can search for the email and process this for you, this also makes sure they do the correct instruction. They will give you an ETA.
The line will be in the holding pool once you get a confirmation SMS from telkom stating "the line is in the holding pool please contact the ISP to move the line over"

Once you have this SMS please sign up the line on your Client Zone under the same speed you had with telkom, we will take the line out of the holding pool and confirm via SMS once this is complete, Afrihost moving the line from the holding pool generally takes a few hours.
answered May 22, 2016 by sheldon.mason (6,490 points)