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To put this question into perspective, you need to know that I am a techno novice (from a previous generation).  I am assisting with the set up of a personality assessment profiling business and would like to creat a simple and informative website to aid in our marketing.

I was recommended to use the website building tools, however, when trying to get started they instruct me to "map" my domain (which was just registered with Afrihost) for a fee of $13 p/year.  What I am unsure of is, does this mean I can still use Afrihost as my host (I signed up with the Linux Silver home) and will I be able to access the website to make ammendments regularly?  I am simply unsure how the two (wordpress and Afrihost) co-exist.

The reason for me wanting to build my own site is a) costs involved and b) we really only need a simple, straight forward site (and c -because my son says that I won't be able to do it).  

Would it be just as good to upgrade my Afrihost package to Bronze pro and make use of the CM4ALL website builder.  Which is more user friendly?  The annual cost difference will be much of a muchness if one takes into account the $13 p/ year mapping fee.

If there is anyone who has been through this process would you mind offering me some "dummy proof" advice or explanation.  If your advice is to hand it over to the proffessionals, I won't be offended - disappointed, yes but then my son would be right.

I look forward any feedback and to getting started!


asked May 18, 2016 in General by Lindsay

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Good evening Lindsay.

Thank you for your question :-)
I think it is great for someone from "a previous generation" to be willing to learn :-)

Basically there is two methods of using Wordpress, The first one being that you can map your existing domain registered with us to be pointed to it to

The Second is, you can install Wordpress on to your existing hosting package (Linux Silver home) and customise the website from there. This option excludes the need for mapping to

Based on the second option, you can install wordpress from your cPanel(Accessible from the ClientZone) as explained below:

Navigate to the ClientZone from this link. Once logged in, click on Hosting > your domain > cPanel > Log into cPanel.
Once the cPanel page open, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Under the Softaculous Apps instraller, click on Wordpress. It will allow you to install wordpress directly in your hosting package with us :-)

The alternative to the above, is the Cm4All site builder. Building and maintaining your site is quite easy and straight forward and can be activated from the ClientZone.

Should you need any more information or assistance, do not hesitate to ask.
Enjoy the rest of your evening and good luck!


answered May 20, 2016 by gerrie.vd (220 points)
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Thanks for sharing this tool! I am looking to build a real estate related site and was wondering if your tools enable property searching? I'm leaning though towards using professionally designed real estate wordpress themes supplied by TemplateMonster ( ).

answered Dec 27, 2017 by anngrant (720 points)
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