How do I make DNS changes to my website/domain?

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asked Jan 27, 2015 in Shared Hosting by Anna

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DNS records basically direct traffic to the correct server. There are a number of DNS records associated with a domain name.

Most commonly changes will be made to the:
» WWW (web record)
» MX (mail exchange record)
» DNS (name server records)
» “A” records (additional DNS records) manages the administration of your DNS records. This means that if you require any changes to be made to the DNS records then you will need to contact the support office.

DNS Management
NOTE: We do not allow access for clients to manage their own Name Servers; but other records can be changed (eg: A; MX; CNAME records etc) through your clientzone.

The most common changes to the DNS records are:
» If the client hosts their mail on a different server, we will point the mail record to their server (This is not a mail exchange server)
» If the client hosts their website on a different server.
» If the Client requires an additional DNS record e.g. sub domain.

The quickest & easiest way to make DNS changes is through your Client Zone .


Once logged in:

1. Click on My Domains & Hosting under My Products

My Products

2. Click on DNS Management

DNS Manager

3. You'll be redirected to the DNS Management

4. Click on DNS Management on this page

Panel Manager

4. Click on the magnifying glass for the domain in question (you might have more than one)

Magnify Glass

5. Click on the notepad icon to edit an entry


6. Click on the " x " icon to delete an entry
X Spot

NB: Do NOT edit/modify/delete the entries which are type "NS". These are the Name Servers & you'll break the DNS if you change these settings.

To update Name Servers for domains; you'll have to update it through Uniforum; the registrar, using their update form 
But unfortunately first you'll have to cancel the hosting with Afrihost.

To update Name Servers for non domains you can send your request to

answered Jan 27, 2015 by Matthew Murdoch (61,160 points)