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How do i backup mails on outlook? I want to upgrade to a outlook 2013 but i want o make sure that all my downloaded mails are backed up. I use a pop account on your server.
asked Oct 15, 2014 in Email Hosting by anonymous

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  1. On the file menu, click import and export.
  2. Click export to a file, and then click next.
  3. In the list, click personal folder (.pst), and then click next.
  4. Click the folder that contains the messages you want to back up. If the folder contains a subfolder that you want to include, select the include subfolders check box, and then click next.
  5. Under save exported file as, click browse, and then specify a name and location for your backup file, for exampl, mail backup.
  6. If you back up a .pst file that you have backed up to before, click one of the following: 
  7. Replace dupliactes with exported items. Existing data will be overwritten with the information in the file being exported.
  8. Allow duplicates to be created. Existing data will not be overwritten, and duplicate information will be added to the backup file.
  9. Do not export duplitcate items. Existing data will be kept, and the duplicate information in the folder will not be copied to the backup file.
  10. Click finish.
answered Oct 16, 2014 by AfriDude (43,990 points)
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Previous answer is good, text book, but long way around. (no disrespect :) )

You dont say what Outlook you're upgrading from unfortunatly so I will assume 2010.

File>Info>Acc settings>Acc Settings>Data Files.

Now click the data file(s) AKA PST's one by one , then click Open File Location. Copy these to a new folder / USB. If you want to back them up to a cloud service zip them 1st.

Once that is done, uninstall current Office, reboot, install 2013, let it update, reboot, start email acc setup, I HIGHLY advise using IMAP not POP3, especially if you want to access ALL the mails (IE 1:1 copy if Inbox, Sent Items and customised folders) from multiple devices. In such an instance POP3 will only have a replica of the Inbox.


 link for more details -
answered Dec 3, 2014 by ZK (340 points)