Wifi Call Roaming

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Hi Guys

Are there any plans to enable Wifi Call Roaming - similar to what Cell C are currently advertising (connect to a Wifi connection while abroad and pay local call rates).
I travel a lot and this voip service would be great. It would also solve my terrible (read: nonexistent)  MTN coverage problem I have at home
asked Jun 1, 2016 in Air Mobile by Andrew (160 points)

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Hi there

Apologies we don't have any confirmation as of yet that this could be a new product.

When will bring it up with our dev team and find out if this is a possibility in the near future however as of now unfortunately not.

If you have any other questions please let me know.
answered Jul 12, 2016 by nikinix (25,470 points)
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Did you try to ask this your provider? Everytime I am going abroad I decide first whether I need roaming services or not, and then inform my provider, that's rather comfortable. I also recommend to think about travel insurance beforehand, if your tour operator or travel manager didn't warn you.

answered May 2, 2019 by mialee (500 points)