cannot open my email in outlook

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Hi There 


I setup my email on outlook 2010 but i get this error when it attempts to send test mail 

Send test e-mail message:   The server responded: 421 Cannot connect to SMT


please advise as to how i can get this sorted out as i would really like to use this account :)



asked Jun 17, 2016 in General by juan-lee

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Hi there

When settings up emails on Outlook can you follow this step by step guide on how to do it:

1.First, open Outlook 2010 on your computer. Our first step is to add a new email account.
2.Click File, and then Add Account.
3.On the New Account screen, click the "Manually configure server settings" radio button and click Next
4.Select "Internet E-Mail" on the next screen and click Next.

 Use the information below to help fill in the settings for your new email account.

Name : ( your name )
Email :  ( Your email you want to set up )
Email type : ( You can choose either Imap or Pop3
Incoming mail server : mail.(your domain) ( e.g
outgoing mail server : mail.(your domain) ( e.g
username : ( this is your full email address )
password : ( you email password )

Once you have filled in the following please can you click on "More Settings"  then please do the following :

-Click "outgoing" then tick "my outgoing server requires authentication"
-Click on "advanced"  change the outgoing port to 587 ( Default is 25 )
-Click on "ok"

Please, can you now test your account settings and see if all the tests are "completed " then click "next" to finish your set up.

Let me know if this has helped you at all.
answered Jul 11, 2016 by vaughant (1,500 points)