How does one change the email address used for their Simfy account?

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I have an existing Afrihost Plus subscription and would like to update my Simfy email address.

How do I do this?
asked Jan 28, 2015 in Client Zone by Nicolas

1 Answer

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Here is a step by step guide on how to update your Simfy account email address.

1)Log into Simfy with the current account details.
2)See the My Simfy Africa tab, click on it and right at the bottom select settings.
3)In the settings there is an account tab, select it.
4)On the bottom left you will see the email address and just under it will be an
option to update the email address.
5)Enter the new email and save.

The next time you wish to log into simfy use the new email address.

If you would like to change the password too, there is a password tab next to the account tab.

Enter your current password and then the desired password.

You will now have access to Simfy with a desired email and password.

answered Jan 28, 2015 by Nicolas Pequeux