Accessing email remotely

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Can I access my email from a remote location with another PC?

asked Oct 3, 2014 in Email Hosting by anonymous

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Yes you can, provided that you have Internet access and know your email account & password.


 1. Open a Web browser (Chrome , IE , Firefox)
 2. goto the url -   ('' is replaced by your domain)
 3. Type in your email address and password into the login page.
 4. Now you will see a list of 3 various email clients that you may use (Horde, SquirrelMail, and Roundcube)
 5. Choose and click to login using one of them.

Take Note

In addition to the fantastic instructions above; In case you are connected to a network that utilizes a firewall which blocks access to certain ports, :2095 for example, you may use the following URL: ('' is replaced by your domain). This operates on the usual port 80

(Additional info Provided by - Afrihost-Keenan)

answered Oct 5, 2014 by rakaluu (730 points)
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Yes go to your remote mail (
answered Aug 2, 2017 by RyanG (35,770 points)