I cannot login to email server via Outlook nor webmail how do I reset the account?

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I have not changed my details for the last few years but cannot receive emails anymore on adleroux@afrihost.co.za.
Please advise if I have been locked out of the server.
I cannot access email via webmail either as it does not recognise my email / password.
Please advise.
asked Aug 19, 2016 in Email Hosting by Armand

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Hi Armand,

If you are unable to login via webmail, please check your login details are correct or change your login details.
If they are correct and still cant connectplease send an email to support@arihost.com

If you require further assistance please email: support@afrihost.com

or contact Afrihost support on 011 612-7200

or via live chat support on our website

alternatively you may request a call back by smsing the word 'help' to 32541


Thank you
answered Feb 22, 2017 by AfriDazzil (40,680 points)