what kind of line should you have to use DSL or ADSL

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Hi there,

In order to get ASDL with Afrihost you must have a post - paid / excon (no contract) Telkom voice line installed.

Please be sure you do not sign up for a contract with Telkom or any other service provider.

You could either choose to get the ADSL and voice line installed directly through Telkom or get the ADSL line installed by Afrihost (this takes 14-30 working day waiting period).

You then need to decide if you wish to leave the line with Telkom and only get data through Afrihost, or you can move the line to Afrihost, for Afrihost to manage both your line and data.


If you choose for Afrihost to manage your line the moving process takes 7-14 working days, and your line does not go off in the process.

When signing up with Afrihost please specify that it is a new convert and we will ensure it is activated on your side so you are able to use data. Afrihost does not charge for the migration from Telkom. Your costs will be the monthly line rental that will be paid to Afrihost.

Please note that you will be charged a pro-rata billing when your line has been transferred to us, this process usually takes 10-14 days.

PLEASE NOTE: the voice portion of your Telkom line will stay with Telkom. You are still liable to pay Telkom for the Voice Line Rental, monthly, as per Telkom's terms and conditions for voice line rental.

You then need to choose whether you want Capped or Uncapped DSL and then choose the package you wish to pay for monthly. 


To sign up for ADSL online follow these steps:

1.  Go to our site: www.afrihost.com

2. Hover the mouse over the menu item "DSL Broadband"

3. When the menu pops up, select "Capped DSL" or "Uncapped DSL"

4. Scroll down until you see the packages available. Click on the arrows right or left to move between the various packages.

5. Select your package and click on the "Sign up Now!" button

6. Complete the steps that follow and check out.


If you require further assistance please email: support@afrihost.com

or contact Afrihost support on 011 612-7200

or via live chat support on our website

alternatively you may request a call back by smsing the word 'help' to 32541


Thank you

answered Feb 21, 2017 by AfriDazzil (45,400 points)