Can you please send a PDF version of the invoice with the HTML email invoice?

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Hi guys,

You use to send the invoice as a pdf document but now everything is only embedded in the email, could you please send your email invoice with an attached pdf version too? Or make a setting?

- Its easier to pass on a pdf and have it retain its styling than an email.
- Saves me time from having to save the email as a pdf.
- Allows us to forward the email with the attachment to others/automated systems that read attachments.
asked Aug 29, 2016 in Billing by Andrew

1 Answer

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Hi there,

You can now download the PDF of your invoice via ClientZone. Simply go to "billing" in ClientZone and click on "view invoices" you will then be able to see your invoices for each month. There will be an option on the right side to download the PDF.
answered Aug 31, 2016 by AfriNerd (3,000 points)