Need incoming & smtp settings to setup email accounts from Afrihost on my MS Office Mobile App - iPhone 6s Plus

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Hi could you please kindly assist.  I need the correct incoming & smtp information to setup my email accounts hosted by Afrihost on my Office Mobile App - iPhone 6s Plus
asked Aug 30, 2016 in Email Hosting by jpvanzyl (190 points)

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Hi there,

Take a look at this page for email configuration settings.
answered Aug 31, 2016 by AfriNerd (3,000 points)

The application does pick up the settings automatically and logs in successfully. I am also able to send emails BUT I don't receive no replies when testing. The application sets up as IMAP automatically. I only see POP3 settings

Any suggestions?
If u want to use IMAP...use 143 port number...turn SSL off...if u still face a ticket to support team...they will assist you...they have done it for me before