i want to publish my website file in the cpnel

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asked Sep 12, 2016 in Shared Hosting by freedom
Did you manage to do this?

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To publish your website you can just click on file manager in cPanel. Once the file manager has opened you will be able to upload your web content. Make sure that you upload your files to the "public_html" folder. Also the files that you upload needs to be exactly the same way online that it is on your local computer.

You also have the option to email us at support@afrihost.com if you battle.
answered Sep 22, 2016 by Rue (1,310 points)
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There are two ways of uploading content to publish on your website.

Through cPanel:
Go to your Afrihost client zone, click on hosting and select the hosted product you wish to upload to.
Select cPanel, under Files select File manager. Select Web Root (public_html/www).
Once in web root, at the top, select Upload.
This will take you to a new page where you need to click on "choose file". Select the file you wish to upload.

Through FileZilla:
Enter your host name (domain name or IP address), user name and password. The port will be determined by quick connect.
Once you click quick connect, the server will load up on the right hand side under remote site and the local machine will be on the left hand side under local site.
Select the file from your local machine, right click and select upload or you can drag and drop to the designated folder on the right hand side.  
On the right hand side ensure you have selected 'public_html' file as the destination file.

Your login details will be saved in the drop drown box next to quick connect for future access.
answered Sep 22, 2016 by AfriDazzil (45,400 points)
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A year ago, I tried to load my site using FileZilla and at first, it seemed to work, but then there was some error. I still don't understand the error. Either I uploaded it incorrectly, or it was a problem on the hosting side. It seems to me that most likely it was a problem on the part of hosting because I then decided to change hosting and I came across the best web hosting deals with a very decent discount. After I changed my hosting to a better one, I no longer had any problems. In addition, I managed to save a decent amount of money and this was very useful because my budget was not so large

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I tried to upload my site via Cpanel once, but it didn't work out
answered May 12, 2020 by koelek (140 points)
FileZilla is a popular FTP program used to upload and transfer website files.

1. Log into FileZilla with your FTP details.
Enter your Host, Username, Password and Port 21.
Click ‘Quick Connect’.

Find out How to send hosting passwords including your FTP details to your mailbox. https://help.afrihost.com/topic/domains-and-hosting/how-to-send-hosting-passwords

2. Once logged in, on the left-hand side under ‘Local Site’, you will find your computer files and folders and on the right-hand side, under ‘Remote site’, you will find your hosting account files and folders.

IMPORTANT! The public_html folder is your main hosting folder. Upload your website here.

3. Right-click on the file you wish to upload and click Upload. The Drag and Drop feature will also work between the two windows.

If you require further assistance please email hosting@afrihost.com for help.