Help Set Up My Emails.

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Hi AfriHost

My Name is Emily I have just joined the AfriHost Family.
I tried signing up for Hosting but got an error message regarding my Bank Details.

As a result I paid R116 directly Via EFT.

I would like you to help me Set up email hosting with the R29 Package.

I have about four email hosting that I would like to register. - Already created needs a payment of R29 please deduct it.
asked Sep 14, 2016 in Email Hosting by emily (140 points)
Good Day

You are failing to understand I made a Payment VIA EFT due to trouble setting the system for Debit Order.

So the below steps are for when I am starting over registering and It needs payment method before It could proceed which I have already Paid an amount of R116 for the 4 domains registration the other R29 is for Bokang which was susended.

I have been struggling with this matter with you for over a week now can I finally get assisted? I even sent a "help" message yesterday but till now I am still waiting.

I need assistance in setting up the below: - Already created needs a payment of R29 please deduct it.

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Hi there,

Please contact Afrihost support and they will take you through the steps needed to set up everything. They will also be able to assist you with your Debit Order error. You can also pay with a credit card.  

Simply SMS "Help" to 32541, call 011 612 7200, or pop onto Live Chat via the website.
answered Sep 14, 2016 by AfriNerd (3,000 points)