Accessing WP dashboard after installation

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I have already installed WordPress using the Softaculous installer via cPanel. The "wp" database lists in my File Manager and is filled with all the sub-directories/ files that should be there. Theoretically, WP is now installed and I should be able to use it?

Apparently (from WordPress.Org FAQs) I go to to access the dashboard and design my site; but that's giving me an error 404... Fun times.

I am technologically impaired so it's entirely possible I'm trying to follow the wrong set of instructions completely. Should I be approaching this differently?

Any guidance would be much appreciated :)
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asked Sep 26, 2016 in General by gwilmans (150 points)

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This may happen because Softaculous for some reason by default installs Wordpress in the wp folder and this usually needs to be manually removed while installing. You can try and access the admin panel by going to
answered Sep 27, 2016 by Gerhard N (390 points)