your sms to the no 32541 permanently failed. I want personal assistance please

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i want to know more about data options  as well as better quality reception in Piketberg Western Cape area.  The quality is aroound 1 out of 10.  Thank you.
asked Oct 24, 2016 in Air Mobile by Rita Kotze (150 points)

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Hey there

Apologies for not getting through on the SMS help line. It is actually working well. Please ensure that you use the word HELP when you text.

From the coverage map I see that Piketberg has 2G, some 4G areas, and a couple with no connectivity at all. You may provide your exact address or check yourself on the coverage map. This will assist better in determining the options open to you.
answered Oct 25, 2016 by Filet Mignon (24,730 points)