How do I point an existing domain to a website hosted by Afrihost

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I have an existing .com domain registered with NameCheap.   Currently the DNS is managed by Microsoft Office365.  

I can add CNAME and A records etc. using the Office365 administration portal.    Currently the CNAME and A records point to an Azure website.
All my mail MX records point correctly to Office365 and these must stay in place.    

I now want to switch off the Azure hosted site and have the record to point to a locally hosted web server that is with Afrihost.    
I have an existing Afrihost shared hosting account with a free already registered.   I am happy to drop the domain if necessary and rebuild a hosted site from scratch.

It appears that a shared hosted site can only be configured for a single domain even if you try add DNS entries through the client zone (?)

How do I go about the changes?  
(1)  What CNAME and A records do I need to add/change to the DNS entries on Microsofts DNS service to point to the new hosted website?
(2)  What settings do I need to change on the Afrihost side to accept www requests from the .com domain?
(3)  If it is possible without cancelling and resubscribing, how would I change my shared hosted site to a new domain?

Sorry for the long question...
asked Oct 25, 2016 in DNS by Gav107 (200 points)

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Hi Gav107

Currently Afrihost uses cPanel for its hosting environment which only uses one main domain for the cPanel account but multiple sub domains may be added. In order to get your site working you would have to sign up for a new hosting package from scratch and cancel the old one if it is not needed. Be sure to sign the domain up as self managed though ;-)

Once you have done this you may request Afrihost to give you some info on where to point the A records for your domain.
answered Oct 27, 2016 by Gerhard N (390 points)
Thanks Shadowwalker7812.    Makes sense.