Hi there, how do i build a website?

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I recently signed up for a hosting package and i need to build my website, how do i go about this? i have no webdesign experience, please advice?
asked Oct 26, 2016 in Shared Hosting by bicycleboy (2,440 points)
Hello  bicycleboy,

Very happy to hear you have decided to make use of our services.

As a new client making use of our shared hosting platform you have access to several different kinds of 3rd party software, such as CM4all Site Builder, Word-Press,Joomla and many more.

CM4all even offers you a demonstration of the software and how to use it that you can apply for and they will get in touch with you, simply follow this link:https://www.cm4all.com/request-a-demo/

You can  access you're CM4all package from the clientzone interface, go to "Hosting", select your hosting product and you will see a tab marked  " CM4all Sitebuilder" , from here you can activate you're installation.

If you do not feel that you have the time to build the website yourself you can look at the packages offered by Afridesign which you can find here: https://www.afrihost.com/site/product/afridesign

There are several packages available that will be linked to your existing hosting product that include designing ,building and maintaining your website.

If you have any other questions regarding how to utilize the other 3rd party software mentioned, i would recommend giving us a call on 011 612 7200 Mon-Fri 07:00-20:00  Sat-Sun 09:00-15:00.

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Hi Bicycleboy,

Depending on the hosting package you have signed up for with us, we do offer CM4all SiteBuilder tool.

This option is available to all our linux pro and above hosting packages, it is not available on the windows hosting packages.

CM4all SiteBuilder is an easy to use website building tool that requires no web design experience. Using CM4all is simple with its easy drag and drop features and pre-made themes.
The CM4all site builder can be accessed through your Afrihost client zone - under your chosen hosting package select CM4all button and register on the CM4all site and design away.  

If you wish to have the site done for you professionally we do offer Afri-design Hosting packages which again depend on the package you select, includes admin, your monthly hosting fee, basic SEO, a free domain registration (for .co.za domains), a mobi Website and logo design.
Afri-design can be contacted on 011 250 5494 for more information.

Alternatively you may contact our Afrihost support on 011 612 7200 for more information and assistance with the CM4all site builder.
answered Oct 26, 2016 by AfriDazzil (44,460 points)
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Hi bicycleboy,

If you're looking for assistance with building your first website, you've come to the right place!

You have a few options when it comes to creating your website.

For Linux packages you have the following options:

- CM4all SiteBuilder.
- Softaculous Content Management systems (Wordpress, Joomla, etc.)
- AfriDesign

If you've signed up for a Windows package, I would recommend learning Visual Basic, as this would be the easiest language.
You could also hire an external developer.
Unfortunately we do not provide support for Windows packages.

Please allow me to shed some light on the different routes that you can take when developing on a Linux platform:

The features that are available to you will all depend on the package that you've signed up for:


Our Linux Pro packages include an awesome feature, namely CM4all SiteBuilder.
CM4all SiteBuilder is a nifty tool that allows you to build your own website, regardless of your experience level.
You are able to customise your site by adding features and widgets such as image galleries, social media plug-ins, as well as e-commerce functionality, should you decide to have on online store.
These features are all easy to manage, and most of them can be added simply by dragging and dropping them to your preferred spot on the website.
CM4all also comes with pre-made themes, which also makes it more cost-effective, as templates tend to be expensive.

Please note that your CM4all tool may be limited, depending on the hosting package that you have selected:
The Bronze and Silver Pro packages come with a limited version, which allows up to 20 units (one page constitutes 2 units - your homepage is included at 0 units), and 11 pages.
The Gold and Platinum Pro packages contain the full version, which allows for unlimited pages and units.

I've attached a link to the CM4all SiteBuilder page, should you require any additional information:


If you're looking for something different without the added cost, our hosting packages do include Softaculous, which gives you access to powerful, and popular Content Management systems, such as WordPress and Joomla, which are easy to learn and use.

Since these two are among the most popular CM systems, I have added links which would aid in getting you started:
WordPress: https://codex.wordpress.org/Getting_Started_with_WordPress
Joomla: https://www.joomla.org/about-joomla/getting-started.html

Should you decide to take this route, you can get started in your cPanel. You'll find this in your Afrihost Client Zone, under:
Hosting >> selecting your domain >> cPanel >> Log in to cPanel
Softaculous should be right near the bottom.

Softaculous is available on all Linux hosting packages.


If you feel that your website requires a professional touch, our AfriDesign packages would be your best bet.
They will build and maintain your website for you, leaving your mind free to focus on what you would like to see on your website.
Hosting fees are included in the AfriDesign packages, and you are able to upgrade/downgrade at any time, depending on the amount of pages you wish to include in your website.

I've attached a link to the AfriDesign page, should this option pique your interest:

If you require any further information, please feel free to ask. Our support team would also be able to assist. You can contact them on 011 612 7200, or SMS the word "Help" to 32541, and a consultant will call you back.

I hope this information helps.

Have an awesome day, and best of luck!
answered Oct 27, 2016 by Grape Wizard (300 points)
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You might need to use a step-by-step guide or a tutorial. This page has some helpful tutorials, check it out Website Builders. Best of luck to you!

answered Feb 16, 2017 by Liz367 (340 points)
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Hi, try to find a professional or a good article at least :)
answered Apr 14, 2017 by Heltall (1,740 points)
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It isn't difficult to create a website, I've foud a great step-by-step guide - https://www.templatemonster.com/blog/create-website-2017-ultimate-guide/. Hope this help :)

answered Apr 17, 2017 by Rar (1,390 points)
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Hi folks!

Without web design experience, I encourage you to use a professionally designed theme which can be easily developed into a beautiful and functional website. I personally prefer ready-made templates offered by these website builders http://www.bestfreetemplates.info/builders.php . They're well tecnically supported:))

answered Sep 26, 2017 by ashss (230 points)