Why does my ADSL line keep syncing to a lower speed and why am I not being billed for that lower speed

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Often i find that my line has been synced to a lower speed without notification. It is never changed back to a higher speed, unless i log a ticket.instead im given a lower speed than what i have been billed for. Surely if there is a problem the speed shouldn't be offered as an option in the first place and if I do get the speed downgraded I should be billed accordingly
asked Jan 29, 2015 in Lines by Slangzn (200 points)

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The speed at which your line synchs is dependent on many factors, all of which involve your Telkom line. Line attenuation, signal-to-noise ratio, even type of router all play a part in the maximum speed that you are able to synch at.

If your line is in Afrihost's name and you log a ticket, it is possible for them to perform a 'port reset' on your behalf, which may result in successfully synching at your desired speed initially, but if the line is in a bad condition it will probably synch at a lower speed again shortly afterwards. Unfortunatly this is mostly out of Afrihost's hands, and you will have to call Telkom (or get Afrihost to call them) to investigate and advise accordingly.

Afrihost / Telkom will bill you for whatever speed you request, but if the line can't handle your requested speed, it's up to you to either get the line sorted out, or downgrade to pay less for a slower line.
answered Jan 29, 2015 by prodigyX (600 points)
I had this problem and it seems hardware-related. My old modem synched at the right speed successfully.