What if I don't currently rent a line from Telkom, but the copper cable is installed?

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We have moved to a new apartment.

Apparently there is a copper cable running to the flat already, so no installation needed.

How do I circumvent having to deal with Telkom? Does the Afrihost's Line Management Services cover all aspects of the line rental?
Or do I still have to rent a line from Telkom, and you just manage the DSL portion?
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asked Jan 3, 2017 in Lines by davedavedave (150 points)

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Hey Dave

If you have a copper line running into your premises you will still need to contact Telkom to have the line line your name and activate the voice portion of it if not yet done. It is compulsory to have an excon line (not contract) first with Telkom before you get to activating your ADSL. There is no way around that. you will be paying Telkom for that voice line rental portion of the line and whatever calls you make at the applicable hours.

Once you have the excon line working you may then go to Afrihost's site and sign up for us to manage your line and also sign up for a data package. We will bill you fir these monthly.

You may find the more cost effective Line-Data bundles here:


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