configurations fro setup of fibre router and service you have activated my line

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Fibre connection configurations fro router at home
asked Jan 5, 2017 in Lines by johanlagrange (150 points)

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Hey Johan

Your fibre router will either connect via DHCP or PPPoE, depending on who your fibre provider is in your neighbourhood.

It will most likely be DHCP though. This means that after your fibre is installed with the CPE/ONT device and WAN router installed and working at your place and you have signed up for Afrihost to be your data provider, you will need to provide us with an Object Number and we will get you connected via us. You will be requested for it when the time comes.

Kindly contact Afrihost Support or Live Chat to walk you through the process as you go.
answered Jan 14, 2017 by Filet Mignon (24,730 points)