If one ADSL account is used at more than one site, does the account speed get split between the sites?

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If one ADSL account is used at more than one site, does the account speed get split between the sites?
asked Jan 29, 2015 in ADSL by ratxtreme (480 points)

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If you're talking about an Uncapped ADSL account then Afrihost only allows one connection at a time.

On Capped accounts they mostly support six at full speed but the Cap is shared.
answered Jan 29, 2015 by Jacques_Stry (2,170 points)
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If I'm not mistaken you are talking about downloading, if you download a file from one website and you start another download on a different website it will split the speed BUT it also depends on the server of the website your downloading from if it alows you to download at a high speed on both websites it will split the speed but if one website allows you to download say at 200KB/s and you have a 10Mb/s Line your other download will run at 800KB/s,
answered Jan 29, 2015 by dicogt (390 points)
Possible that I misunderstood the question >.<
i understand the downloading side. but what if i have a  10mb 100gb capped account that i want to use at home and work.  home and work both have 10mb adsl lines, will i get 10mb  at home and work. or will it split to 5mb each as i have 2 connections at the same time?
Yes you will get full speed at both places. just remeber when asking a question that you be very specific
thank you. what about the first answer that said it will be split?
that is when your downloading for say at home from 2 diffirent websites it will slit the speed if your talking about 2 diffirent locations you will get full speed
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In short, no.  

An Afrihost Capped DSL Data account can be connected to from up to 6 locations at the same time.  The speed of the connection will depend on the line at the site you are connecting from.  e.g. My Home 4Mbps Line, Your Home 2Mbps Line.  We both connect using Capped DSL account X.  I get 4Mbps, you get 2Mbps.

Typically you would configure your router to connect to Afrihost and then share the connection over wifi and your network.  Another way to connect is to confiugre your PC to create the connection.  In this scenario I can create a DSL connection from my account on my DSL line and you (who are visiting me) can connect to your own Afrihost account using your details, but over my line.  This way each of us uses our own Cap.  In this scenario, we will be sharing my 4Mbps line.

If you have a bundled 100GB Capped 2Mbps DSL connection with Afrihost, you get 

  • 1x 2Mbps line.  This line is the physical line to your site.  
  • 1x 100GB Capped DSL.  As mentioned above, you can connect to this Capped account from up to 6 sites.

In order to connect to the Capped DSL from another site, you only need to get a line for the site.  This will be separate form the above bundle, but could be managed from the same Account.


answered Jan 30, 2015 by wernerhp (970 points)