Can Afrihost manage a telkom line if it's under a different name?

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Hi Afrihost team,

We've moved to a new house and want to get a telkom adsl line installed, but one of my roommates will be placing the order with Telkom under his name. Eventually we want to get Afrihost to manage the Telkom line for us once it's installed (as part of your ADSL capped bundles), but we want to use my account for the data & billing, considering I have a freely-boosted data package from last year and a lot of carry-over data cap.

Is this possible even if the Telkom line isn't under my registered name? Or is it possible to transfer my data deal to an Afrihost account his name?

Thanks a lot,
- dj_teaCosy
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Hi dj tea Cosy,

Yes, you are able to use your Afrihost ADSL account on your roommates Telkom line account.

Simply when setting uo the router us your Afrihost log in details.
Please see instruction below on how to set up your router.

To configure your ADSL modem or router with Afrihost please follow these steps:

  • Please connect your router with the ethernet cable to your computer.

You will need your Afrihot ADSL username & password for the DSL account.

It will be your details; eg:


The quickest way to access your modem is through a web browser, eg: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari.

Most routers/modems come with a manual specifying the IP address of the device allowing you to connect to it.

Most routers use IP address: or or
but it's best to check the manual to be sure.

You need to access the router:

The default gateway is; i.e the IP address of the ADSL router/modem

  • Open your Internet browser and type:

  • the username & password of most routers are usually:
    username  - admin
    password  - admin or password

(this is to login to the router; but check with the manual if this password fails)

Once logged into the router you'll need to look for one of the following menus to change the settings:

1) Setup Wizard
2) Quick Wizard
3) Basic Settings

4) Internet Settings

5) Startup

6) Quick start

*some routers may not have this option - you can look for the "WAN" settings.

In order to use our DSL data you only need to setup a few settings and everything else leave it either with default value or blank. Ensure you only change these settings to these details below 

(you might need to explore the different pages on the router interface to get them):

Router settings

  •    Port: 0

  •    VPI: Virtual Path Identifier. Should be set to 8.

  •    VCI: Virtual Channel Identifier. Should be set to 35.

  •    Service Type: PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE).

  •    Encapsulation type: LLC

  •    Authentication type: Auto

  •    Your DNS settings must be set to automatic/dynamic {some routers have the which also means dynamic/automatic}

  •    Your DSL username & password will be provided by Afrihost

{you should have received these via email or you can access them through the client zone}

  This will be (eg:)

  •    Save the settings and restart your router  - there should be an option under the settings to restart / reboot without having to use the power button.

Once the router has restarted you will be ready to connect.

In some cases; especially if you had an account from a different ISP; eg: Telkom - you might have to "Hard-Reset" the router. This can be done by pressing the reset button for about 10 seconds at the back of the router.

Once done; configure these settings above & you should be connected.


If you require further assistance please email:

or contact Afrihost support on 011 612-7200

or via live chat support on our website

alternatively you may request a call back by smsing the word 'help' to 32541

Thank you

answered Feb 23, 2017 by AfriDazzil (45,400 points)
Thanks for the reply, but that wasn't quite what I was asking; I was wondering if Afrihost will still manage a Telkom a line for me even if it actually belongs to someone else. He will install the line, but then we want Afrihost to manage the line rental after it's installed. Is this possible?
Sorry for the miscommunication. Yes we can manage the Telkom line even if it is in a different name.
In order for us to manage the Telkom line the line needs to be migrated to Afrihost under your account.

To Transfer your ADSL line from Telkom to Afrihost you need to:

Step 1
Contact Telkom and inform them you want to migrate the line and request they move line to the Openserve Holding Pool in order for the migration process to go through. You need to give Telkom 30 days notice.

Step 2
Fill in the Telkom form for Consumer Request and Service Cancellation.
Specify that you are canceling the adsl service and moving or porting to another service provider. (Found in section 2 of the form)

Step 3
Ensure that all information is correct and the form is signed and dated.
Scan the form and a copy of  ID and email it to:
Residential - OR for a
Business (ONLY)
If you have a Business Line, Telkom requires the following:
A signed cancellation letter from the Sole Proprietor OR on a company letterhead for CC/PTY LTD. (In both instances, a copy of the authorised signatory's ID is required).

Please cc Afrihost in the mail (, so that it is easier to track the progress of the migration and make the subject of the email: Migration of Telkom DSL line

Step 4
You will receive an sms from Telkom within 24hrs informing you that the line is ready for migration. You will have 5 working days to inform your new service provider.

I hope this answers your question adequately
Thanks so much! Yes this answers my question completely. Thanks for your assistance, you guys rock!